Nigel ‘Muddy’ Walters has been singing and playing folk music since his schooldays
in Bath in England’s West Country. There with “Lucifer’s Hat Band” he performed in
local pubs and clubs whilst sampling the local ‘scrumpy’ and ‘Natch’ (Natural Dry
Emigrating to Australia in 1988 Nigel has performed with several Sydney based folk
bands as well as being a solo performer. A chance to play with the Wheeze & Suck
Band appeared in late 1999 when they were short a man or two for some gigs – and
Nigel jumped at the chance to play the sort of driving traditional and contemporary
songs and tunes of his heritage.
Nigel’s musical influences include English guitar finger style players and singers Dave
Evans, Nic Jones & Martin Simpson. Nigel plays a Mandolin and Appalachian
Dulcimer made by Peter Coombe of Canberra, and a Cello Mandolin made by David
Oddy in the UK. This latter instrument in particular helped provide the driving
rhythms in the Wheezers’ line up, and now does the same for Traditional Graffiti.
A calming influence, Muddy is not a noted ‘Toper’. But he is also 50% part of the
guitar duo, Cap in Hand.