Wheezer World


Herein rests the spirit of the Wheeze and Suck Band. Although with Woody on
extended leave, we are (and Woody is) open to offers to reunite for the occasional
gig. And why wouldn’t we?

A Wheeze & Suck performance is built upon a shared experience with our audiences,
friends and supporters. Warmth and humour is part of our DNA – a spirit that
embraces the audience and sets us apart from other acts on the folk music scene
that treat performances as formal concerts.

The Wheeze & Suck Band is a four-piece group whose popularity has been
established in Australia and New Zealand over nearly two decades and seven albums
of great music.

This group is unique, eschewing the stereotypical casual presentation style so
associated with the genre. Picture a band of weird mummers performing an exciting 
mix of traditional, contemporary and original material, dressed in colourful antique
costumes and top hats. Every show is a party.

Over the years, the ‘Wheezers’ have appeared at most major Folk Festivals and Folk
clubs in Australasia, regularly as headliners. Equally at home on the big stage with a
PA, or in acoustic mode for more intimate venues, the band delivers headliner
performances, workshops and themed concerts.


Our albums are available at any of our gigs or from the following –
John Milce

Suite 3, L10, 65 York St

Sydney, NSW 2000

Trad & Now at www.tradandnow.com .

Also available through our UK distributor at www.rootsrecordsonline.co.uk