Johnny ‘Red Tips’ Milce

Johnny Red Tips is a dyed-in-the-wool Scouser. Along with The Pump, John was a key dancer with the Sydney Morris Men. He also played a drum for the side, which set him upon the road to his current fame. He is (almost) a founding member of the band, having performed at the first paying gig at Hornsby Folk Club in 1996. JRT is the Wheezer’s resident comic, but his attempts to channel Ringo Starr by wearing the former Beatles’ jacket, bought on a trip back to Liverpool, have met with limited success and a certain degree of derision from the southerners in the band.
In his spare time JRT runs Sherborne Consulting, an I.T. Recruitment company. When not enjoying a furtive ale at his kit behind Pump and Woody, he wanders the world watching Liverpool FC and Bob Dylan at his clients’ expense. JRT  presents a folk music programme on 102.5FM and is also partial to a drop or two of Pinot Gringo, a fine Mexican wine. The origin of his nickname is a story he will only too eagerly share for the price of a pint.