About Us

‘Traditional Graffiti’ was the title chosen for the second Wheeze & Suck Band album
back at the turn of the millennium when beer was tuppence a loaf. When The Pump,
Johnny Red Tips and Muddy decided to carry on playing together following the
departure of Woody in late 2016, we needed a new name, and a new outlook.

‘Traditional Graffiti’ was originally coined by former Wheezer Lol ‘The Undertaker’
Osborn. Not only was it a clever play on the Led Zeppelin album title ‘Physical
Graffiti,’ which resonated with our robust approach to performance, but it also
spoke to a sense of eclecticism and ‘belonging to the street’ which was at the heart
of what we did and where we come from.

Although Traditional Graffiti still has its core of UK roots musicians
and highly experienced Morris dancers, the band line-up has expanded to
include an extra percussionist and a guitar/sfx player. Brad ‘Stix’ Newhouse
plays Jemba drum plus odds and ends, as well as adding vocals. Clive
‘Dodger’ McFarland plays acoustic guitar, midi special effects, as well as
providing vocals.

This line up continues to embrace an eclectic range of cultural influences, as
well as a repertoire of irresistible original and traditional songs and tunes.’

If you like a good chorus, a laugh, a good story, or a bit of a dance….we’re here to please!