About Us

‘Traditional Graffiti’ was the title chosen for the second Wheeze & Suck Band album
back at the turn of the millennium when beer was tuppence a loaf. When The Pump,
Johnny Red Tips and Muddy decided to carry on playing together following the
departure of Woody in late 2016, we needed a new name, and a new outlook.

‘Traditional Graffiti’ was originally coined by former Wheezer Lol ‘The Undertaker’
Osborn. Not only was it a clever play on the Led Zeppelin album title ‘Physical
Graffiti,’ which resonated with our robust approach to performance, but it also
spoke to a sense of eclecticism and ‘belonging to the street’ which was at the heart
of what we did and where we come from.

Although Traditional Graffiti is still based around a core of UK roots musicians
and highly experienced Morris dancers, the musical focus has evolved to embrace a
more eclectic range of cultural influences, as well as a repertoire of irresistible
original songs and tunes.

If you like a good chorus, a laugh, a good story, or a bit of a dance….we’re here to